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An online flipbook transforms the otherwise very static and "boring" PDF into an interactive publication full of smart features, including sound and video.

Fully responsive Flipbooks

Create Mobile Friendly (HTML5) Flipbooks to reach your audience on any device: PC, Mac, Android, iOS etc. No one needs to be left out.

Flipbooks that sell

Design and Present products to your customers and readers in an attractive way. Link directly from the Flipbook to your website.

Add links, Sounds & Videos

Why restrict yourself to just images and text? Add sound and video to your Flipbook to create a more dynamic and interactive experience. 

share your Flipbook online

You are in complete control of who sees your Flipbooks. You can make it fully available to the general public or specify which readers can see your creation.

How to make a Flipbook

1. Create your publication using any program you are familiar with. 

2. Save the file as a PDF. That is it! You are now ready for your Flipbook.

3. Upload the PDF to our server. Your PDF will be converted automatically.

4. DONE! Admire your creative work

  • fully responsive
  • Professional
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  • suits your style
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Less work, more productivity

A Flipbook is a great publishing tool for reaching your audience in a way that sustains their interest and at the same time eliminates the cost of costly printing. 

Flipbookhub is a leader in converting PDF files to Flipbooks that can be seen using any device.


Our tool is very easy to use, from start to finish. No tech skills required to create an interactive flipbook, with videos and other features.


You can use any design software. As long as you can save as a PDF, you can have a Flipbook.


You can integrate the Flipbook and share any way you want - place on your website, share the link on social media, email or embed into any online medium.